Quality Sleep is the Key to Healthy Body

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Nights of sleep are important to refresh our mind and body. 7-8 Hours of sleep a day is essential for a healthy mind and body. As per the U.S Centre of disease control and Prevention, almost 30% of American adults have lower sleep than 8 hours. Some people prefer to stay awake late at night and sleep during morning hours. This affects our quality of sleep and disrupts biological clock.

Benefits of having a Proper Sleep

Quality sleep will have multiple health benefits. It is effective to deal with the stress and helps to relax your mind. Sleeping 8 hours a day reduce depression and prevents heart diseases. Sleep will also improve the creativity and imagination power of the human brain. It keeps your mind and body active throughout the day. Having a Proper sleep will improve your memory and makes it easier to memorize stuff. During sleep, the growth process of our body starts. The healing process also speeds up when we sleep. Therefore, it’s essential to have better and healthy sleepy nights.

Health Risks Associated with Sleep Deprivation

Most of the people prioritize their work over health by working overtime or working in 2 shifts. A tough work routine lowers their sleep time which has several health risks. Sleep deprived persons have difficulty staying focused and alert. Staying awake for longer hours increase the blood pressure and our body starts producing stress hormones which are the primary cause of depression. The hormones which stimulate appetites such as leptin and ghrelin are also produced during sleep deprivation. Working sleepless hours of work makes you inefficient. It also makes you feel annoyed and Irritating.

Methods to Improve Quality of Sleep

We can easily improve our quality of sleep. It’s better to sleep during nighttime for better quality sleep. Taking 2-3 Naps of during the day time will enhance the brain function.


  1. Schedule your Sleeping Time

Set a fixed time for sleeping and then adhere to your sleeping schedule. If you make a daily routine of sleeping at 10:00 AM. Your body will adjust to your sleeping routine. You may feel sleepy or tired when the clock clicks 10. Also, you may wake up in the morning without any alarm. This practice will enhance your quality of sleep and improves your body functions.

  1. Surround Yourself with darkness

Painting your room with dark black colours will make it easier to sleep. Use dim lights for better sleep quality. Cut your screen time as the blue light emitting from mobile or TV Screen makes it difficult for the human brain to sleep. Switch off or stay away from screens at least 30 minutes before your schedule sleeping time. It will help you to fall asleep quickly.

  1. Practice Meditation

Meditation is also considered effective against sleep deprivation. Meditation 10-15 minutes before and after sleep will boost your brain power. After meditation, you may have relaxed or deep sleep. Try listening to sleep meditation music for a night of better sleep.

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